Přihlašte se ke studiu do 28. 2. 2024

Propojujeme svět humanitních věd s technologiemi. Připravujeme na budoucnost. Ve výuce se potkáš s předními odborníky a odbornicemi z České republiky. Kombinujeme různé výukové metody včetně týmové práce.

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Studium na nejprestižnější české univerzitě

Studuj u nás knihovnictví, informační vědu, média a knižní kulturu nebo nová média. Nabízíme bakalářský program, dva magisterské obory i doktorské studium. Jsme obor s více než 70letou tradicí. Více informací v záložce Pro uchazače.

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Povinná praxe zlepšuje uplatnění po studiu

Praxe tě lépe připraví na budoucí zaměstnání a poskytne cenné kontakty. Více o tom, jak probíhají praxe najdete v záložce Studium.

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About the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship

We offer modern study combining information, libraries and technology. We live in a time when working effectively with information, the ability to work critically with it, is a skill for the 21st century. Thanks to studying with us, you will get a wide range of practical application possibilities or such skills and comprehensive knowledge that will provide you with support in your further studies in other fields. The teachers who teach with us have experience from a number of institutions and, thanks to this, always pay attention to the applicability of skills in practice and in real life.


We are part of the Faculty of Arts, one of the original faculties. We are located in the center of Prague in Na Příkopě street. Our team consists of a number of important figures in librarianship, information studies and new media.

dr. Adéla Jarolímková, director

Educators and our scientific activity

We are a varied team, in which you will find teachers of all age categories and various professional interests. Our scientific focus is on the following areas:

  • librarianship (research on information behavior, information needs, media literacy)
  • information science (applied scientometrics, )
  • digital humanities (data minig, data analysis, digitization in libraries)
  • new media (influence of technology on children, use of new media in museums)
  • book culture (provenance research, modern book culture)

In addition to teaching, scientific activity is an important part of our work. We contribute to scientific knowledge because we write professional articles or professional monographs. Many professional articles are part of grant projects in which we are involved and where we meet other experts in the framework of interdisciplinary research. We are also dedicated to popularizing science to the general public. This means that we appear in professional debates on television and radio, we cooperate with journalists on the preparation of articles and other media outputs. Many of us work in other institutions or libraries at the same time, so we are always in contact with practice and current trends. One of the most significant popularization efforts of recent times includes the books of dr. Michaela Slussareff about technologies and children, which is a scientific-popular educational book useful especially for parents and teachers.

After graduation

Our female graduates have no problem finding a job. Some of our graduates head to libraries. Libraries are among the public institutions that not only lend books, but are part of the public space and offer a number of very important services that support a democratic society. These institutions are also a great place for implementation because the work in them is very varied. some graduates then end up in commercial companies, e.g. in the positions of data analysts. Some find employment in the non-profit sector, where they participate in the development of media or information literacy. At ÚISK, we offer a bachelor’s program and you can continue in two master’s fields. One is focused on information, media and book culture, the other, on the contrary, on new media.