With a tradition of more than sixty-years, the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship is the oldest academic and research institution in thefield of information studies and librarianship in the Czech Republic. Out staff consists of more than thirty leading experts in the fields of librarianship and information studies, book and manuscript studies, and new media studies. All of our teachers and Ph.D. students regularly contribute to local and international peer-reviewed periodicals on library and information sciences.

Our most recent initiatives include research in information behaviour of various user groups, e. g. undergraduate and postgraduate students, elderly people and immigrants. In the field of new media studies, we have been engaged in applied research and experimental development of educational simulations for high-school students.

We are proud co-organisers of several traditional events, e.g. seminars entitled IVIG: Information Education and Information Literacy in the Theory and Practice of Education Institutions, the annual conference known as IKI: Information, Knowledge and Innovation, with focus on new media topics the New Media Inspiration conference and the most recent Community Conference KOKON organized by our students, who presenttheir successful projects (research; grants; BA, MA and Ph.D. theses).


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