Prague Summer Seminar is the result of the cooperation between Institute of Information Science and Librarianship, Faculty of Arts, Charles University and School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This international program was created for the U.S. Students and profesionals in LIS by the Czech university.

Stay in one of the most astonishing cities in the heart of Europe. Our teachers and studens will give you a tour of the most important and the most interesting sights – and there is plenty to look foward to. The Czech lands had different state systems in different times: in the 7th century it was the first tribal unions, then the Medieval period counties, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Czechoslovakia in the early twentieth century, Czechoslovakia under German occupation, years of Communism followed, and most recenlty there was the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. These dramatic changes offer an interesting perspectve on the librarianship studies.

Prague Summer Seminar aims to provide a complex view of the field in the Czech (CentralEuropean) context for the American librarians and to introduce a completly new perspective on the information science and librarianship. But we certainly do not intend to bore you to death, so we will also show you the reasons that make Prague much more beautiful than other cities and many more reasons why you should visit again.