Small Defence

The aim of a “Small Defence” is to present and defend the results of the research that is being conducted as part of the dissertation. It takes place some time before the final defence and the student is obliged to present the research findings to their department colleagues and the expert public, and to work their suggestions into their dissertation.

Small Defence Requirements

  • The Small Defence must take place only after the student has completed their research and written at least 80% of their dissertation.
  • The supervisor must confirm that the previous condition has been fulfilled.
  • The student is obliged to send materials for the defence (ideally in the form of a presentation) to their supervisor, and the Head of the Programme Board and PhD Studies Coordinator (Jindřich Marek) is to receive a copy as well.
  • The small defence is to take place at least three months before the final defence.
  • The defence consists of a twenty-minute presentation followed by an academic discussion.