PhD Seminar

Students are required to attend the PhD Seminar throughout their entire studies. The PhD Seminar takes place once a month, and the student is obliged to participate in an intensive one-day course which takes place once a year.

The PhD Seminar serves as a means for the students to report on their dissertation progress, and for the presentation of their professional activities; it also ensures that PhD students recurrently meet together and with the Department’s employees.

The PhD Seminar includes

  • Presentations of results achieved during PhD research; these presentations go hand in hand with discussions and remarks of other PhD students and supervisors, and also involve presentations of the dissertation’s results;
  • Professional publishing work tutoring
  • Critical reflection and discussion of the doctorands’ papers in progress
  • Conference and other public presentation tutoring
  • PhD State Exam tutoring
  • Dissertation defence tutoring
  • Presentation of dissertation theses before the defence
  • Doctorands sharing their experiences (from, for example, study trips and conferences, discussions over contemporary literature etc.)

In the case of a residency abroad the student’s absence is accepted, but they still need to attend the presentations.

The seminar takes places throughout the entire study period.

The PhD seminar typically takes place on Mondays, 14:00-15:30.

The seminars are mandatory for full-time students; distance students are obliged to participate at least once per semester. Every student is obliged to deliver at least one academic presentation every two academic years.