Doctoral State Examinations

After all particular study obligations have been completed, it is also required to pass the State Final PhD Examination, in order to successfully complete the PhD studies.

Information from the Accreditation

The studies are completed with the State PhD Examination and dissertation defence, which are to prove the aspirant’s capacity and preparedness to conduct autonomous research.

The State PhD Examination is conducted in oral form in front of a panel of experts. The State PhD Examination is conducted in the form of an academic discussion; this discussion is not only about the doctorands’ autonomous study activities, but also about inspecting their general awareness of their specialization, specifically the extent to which they are prepared for autonomous scientific activities within the specialization of their PhD studies. The Examination is divided into two parts.

The first part is in the form of an academic discussion of studied literature. The Information Science Programme Board regularly updates the list of academic literature for the State PhD Examination, and every student is to study six chosen foreign titles, and, according to their specialization, to choose two others (the list of titles does not overlap with the Information Science exam). The second part of the examination is a discussion within the boundaries of the academic fields associated with the topics of the student’s dissertation.

Reading List

Information Science and Librarianship

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Book Culture

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New Media

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Additional Information

The State PhD Examination takes places in accordance with article 10 IV. Study and Examination Code of Charles University in Prague and article 15. Study and Examination code of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. You can have your State PhD Exam Application printed at the Science Department.

Information regarding the State PhD Examination on the Faculty of Arts website


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