New Media Studies

New media studies is an MA study programme at the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University in Prague, which is situated on the border of the humanities, science and technology. New media deals both with the theory of the new technologies influence on society and its possible application. The students include BA graduates of librarianship, journalism, aesthetics, marketing communication or IT.

The students can choose from three specializations:

Game studies: Game studies critically analyse the medium of computer games and focus on their cultural, social and political aspects. The topics include game theory, computer games history, design and development, game technology analysis, computer games application in education and the relationship between computer games and new media.

Digital humanities: The digitalization process has expanded the amount of data to the extent of it becoming virtually impossible to process without computers. The computational turn of computer technology and their mediation of data processing expand the possibilities of utilising the data. Due to high-performance software, the exploratory data analysis enables the researcher to browse a great amount of data and thus to find a greater number of hypotheses worth further testing. The gradual digitalization process of the human world and its history facilitates entirely new possibilities of research in the humanities and social sciences.

Arts, Culture and New Media: This specialization offers a complex insight into the relationship between arts, new media and technology. The aim of the lectures is to identify and follow the main trend in the arts utilization of new technology. The students will be familiarized with art projects and lead to analyse academic texts and thus to acquire the skills to criticise and discover the creative possibilities of new technology.  This specialization includes subjects such as Contemporary Arts and new media, Media Archaeology and Cyber-culture.

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