Jinonice Information Mondays

The lecture series Jinonice Information Mondays focuses on the current issues of information science and new media. The lectures are intended not only for the departmental students, but also for all those interested, librarians and information professionals. The syllabus varies from semester to semester based on the visiting experts both from the Czech Republic and abroad. The lectures are co-organized by the Czech Information Society.

In the recent years, the lecturers included the following:

Mariano Giaquinta
Mathematics, Rationality and Democracy

Karen Fishman
Behind the scene from Library of Congress

Antonio Lucas Soarens

Elizabeth Perry
Processing programming language

Rhonda Jones
Person, Peer, Patron: Scholarly Interactions Among Local Communities, Archivists, and Librarians

María Luisa Alvite Díez
Digital Collections: Bibliographic heritage in Spain

Anna Cislo
The history of the Irish book Books in the Irish language and their semiotics in the early years of the twentieth century

Maja Žumer
Library catalogues of the future: realising the old vision with new tools

Alenka Šauperl
Abstracts for scientific papers

Alenka Šauperl
Social Tagging and Subject Headings

Harri Jalonen
Managing innovation in complex organizations

Terry Weech
Public Computing: Libraries and Volunteers

Elisa Cerveira
Training, skills and competencies of the information professional: a new paradigm, a new training model

Brian Rosenblum
Roles for Academic Libraries in Supporting Open Scholarship

Michał Białowąs
Wrocław University Library – preview

Dr. Alexander Voiskounsky
Human Behavior in the Virtual Environments: Studies Held in Russia and Abroad

Barbara Wildemuth
Bringing Your Library Into View

Richard Sapon-White
A Crisis in Cataloging: the Impact and Implications of the Library of Congress’ Series Authority Decision on Cooperative Cataloging

Diane H. Sonnenwald
Experimental Comparison of 2D and 3D Technology Mediated Paramedic-Physician Collaboration in Remote Emergency Medical Situations

Alenka Šauperl
Qualitative research methods in information and library science

Alenka Šauperl
Library and Information Science Education in Slovenia

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