Book Culture

Book culture teaching focuses both on theory and on the history of book culture in our lands since its inception in the Middle Ages until the 20th century.  Book culture follows in the conception of book culture in the Anglo-Saxon, French and also German milieu. It aims to connect its approach based on the history of media to media archaeology and other related fields.

In the book culture studies, an old book is a medium of communication. Further research focuses on the material and textual aspect of old books (manuscripts, incunabula and ancient books) and especially on their mutual relationship. The studies focus not only on the development of book culture but especially on letterpress printing as an innovative and constantly innovated technology, the history of readership reception of literary works and the history of libraries. The studies also marginally focus on the digitalization of historical and rare book collections. The students will acquire both theoretical and practical skills, which will enable them to process old books and provide them the means for further research. The students will be also acquainted with the historical book collections of the most distinguished memory institutes in Prague.

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